Client Survey 2017

In April 2017 I sent a short survey out to my mailing list, and asked past clients to respond anonymously via surveymonkey. A bit of a scary thing to do to ask for honest, constructive feedback and to promise to publish the results, but I was delighted as they started to filter through my inbox one by one and the results started to build.

I have created a summary of the results, and listened to the feedback given, and I hope to continue to improve, enhance my skill set and remain up to date with the latest neuroscience and therapy techniques available so that I can continue to provide a valuable service for my clients.


From the Survey 91% of past clients ‘agreed’ and ‘mostly agreed’ that the therapy they received was successful which is a great result. Clients commented that hypnotherapy had “Absolutely changed my life” and another “Should be prescribed in place of antidepressants.”

I was delighted with this result, as we as individuals differ so much, so the type of therapy that we will find helpful can also vary, but those who have chosen hypnotherapy are happy with the results.

96% of clients agreed that they felt respected and had a good rapport with me as their therapist, and the other 4% mostly agreed, these figures were the same for Q3 “My Therapist seemed competent and knowledgeable and behaved professionally”

“She was a good listener, kind and supportive”
“Elise always made me feel valued, and she’s very easy to talk to.”

“If you’ve never thought of, or experienced hypnotherapy, Elise is reassuring and puts you at ease. She’s a fabulous listener.”
“This changed my life after ten years of depression. The location, kindness, and knowledge coupled with every step of the way explanations of the process made me feel really at ease. I have recommended several people Elise”





All clients were happy with the location and comfort of the therapy room and availability of appointments, with everyone falling into the ‘agree’ and ‘mostly agree’ sections.

I do try my very best to accommodate clients requests for specific appointments and locations wherever possible. Luckily working from 3 different Therapy rooms in Somerset (Taunton, Bridgwater and Burnham-on-Sea) on different days, we can usually work things out. Some clients have even done the grand tour and visited all three on different occasions!



Other notable comments have been:

“I had a fabulous result, thanks to Elise. She completely resolved the issue I had been struggling with.”

“Still use my CD on a regular basis”

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all of you who took the time to return the Survey, it really does mean a lot, and inspires me to continue striving to do the very best for my clients.

It’s worth remembering though, that all of the factors (environment, rapport, a qualified therapist etc.) contribute to YOU the client doing all the hard work behind the scenes. The Therapy just encourages you to find your own solutions and ways of doing this with access to that answers that we all have inside us when our minds can relax and seek them out. Nothing is a ‘magic wand’ without the commitment to therapy…………. ( well ….. almost nothing 🙂  )