Initial Consultation

30-45 minutes. £30

Together we will talk through how we can help you, and the number of sessions we will need together. I use the word ‘we’ as it is a two way process, you must be willing to make the changes for your desired future.

I will give you an explanation of how the brain works, and why we suffer in the way that we do from various problems. That in itself tends to be where the progress starts, from day one.

I will give you a free relaxation CD to take home with you, and this will give us a head start on our 1st therapy session.

Subsequent Sessions

50-55 minutes (approx. -this can roll over at times, but I will use best effort to keep it within an hour as this is most conducive for therapy)

35-45 minute session work is usual with children.

Each session will follow the same well practised format of focusing on the positives of the past week, and identifying our next steps forward.

I will then guide you safely and gently into a trance state which will focus your attention on making the beneficial changes you desire.

£60 per session
At present I can accept cash, bank transfer and cheque.

You may also find that if you have private health insurance, you can claim for hypnotherapy as I am registered with the CNHC.



Smoking is a one off session for between 1.5-2 hours, and will be charged at £180

Full wheelchair access in some clinics – please check before booking
Home visits can be accommodated in exceptional cases. Please ask if you require this option.
Skype sessions are also an option and work really well, but face-to-face is obviously better where possible.

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