So many of us lead such busy lives these days, that stress, and emotional highs and lows seem all too inevitable. Sometimes these can cause issues that flow over in to our everyday living, and we need a little focus and help to get us through them. That is why you should look as hypnotherapy as a long term investment in the future. . . . . .

Your future.

​The person that you want to be; stress, anxiety, anger,depression and problem free – getting the very best out of life.

Life can be a balancing act at times!

Don’t wait for your problems to take hold of you completely. Recognise them, address them, and start to change your thought processes around them now.

The longer we accept negative thinking and anxiety related disorders, the stronger hold they will have over us, and the thought patterns may be harder to break, and can be self perpetuating.

Step into a new way of seeing life.

Please have a look at some testimonials of clients I have worked with to get an idea of the changes you can make to your life (Click here)

 We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them.” 
Albert Einstein.


Are you wondering how successful hypnotherapy with me is?
The image below are my practice analysis 6/8/2017- 6/8/2018 based on up to 12 sessions of therapy.
The report is based on weekly scores put into the system by clients measuring 7 areas of wellbeing (Thoughts, interaction, activity, confidence, self recognition, achievement and happiness)
The report includes all ages, presenting problems, and genders.
The red line is my personal analysis compared with the purple global analysis (i.e. everyone that uploads their data internationally).
As you can see based on every clients results that have completed therapy with me in the last year the change in their scores are considerable, and that my clients do even better than the global averages.
Very encouraging for me to see as a therapist, and reassuring for you as a client/potential client.

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