These are a few of the testimonials that some of my clients have been kind enough to allow me to show so that their experiences may help others decide whether hypnotherapy is something they would like to try. . . . . . .

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“It’s been some time since I last saw you, I thought I would catch up with you.
I’m still acting and loving it even more than before. None of it would have been possible without your help, you changed my life because coming to see you set me on the road to do many great things and along the way met some lovely people.”



I came to see you a year ago and I thought I’d drop you a message and let you know how you helped me.

When I came to see you I’d already got to my breaking point and desperate for any kind of help. 
I wanted to let you know that I still use some of the coping skills you taught me and even though I’m still a little damaged I’m defiantly not broken. 

After help from you I met a girl who looks at me like I was everything she’s ever dreamt of and my confidence went from strength to strength and I suddenly found myself becoming happy relaxed and able to enjoy myself. 
Everyone around me has become more drawn to me again as I’m good fun to be around easy going and understanding to others problems after my experiences. 
I’ve also got myself a new job! With a £10,000 pay rise so now money won’t be a problem.

I have control back now whereas before I was a slave to my emotions/anxiety. I constantly think about the hole in the street that I fall in. Now I walk on the other side of the road and I see people falling in all the time. I just keep walking because I have somewhere I need to be now 🙂


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have suffered with CFS for several years, and it has quite literally crippled both my life, and my capacity for happiness. I have seen no end of doctors and specialists, and no one had been able to help me find ways to cope with, or manage this terrible condition. Expecting our first baby in November, my wife was keen to find some previously untried treatment to try, as she was desperate for me to overcome a condition that was threatening to overshadow our happy future. After a great deal of research, she suggested I try hypnotherapy, and after investigating sources of this treatment locally, she booked an initial consultation with Elise. Unfortunately, I am one of life’s great pessimists, but I promised that I would give my sessions a chance to work, and fully embraced them. And wow, I am so very glad that I did.
Elise is a warm, friendly person, and instantly put me at ease. She took time to understand how the condition effects every facet of my life, and asked what changes I wanted to achieve. And – what I found most helpful – she was able to show me how I could both set weekly targets, and also measure the progress I was making. Crucially, the treatment was a perfect blend of in-session hypnotherapy, as well as techniques that I could use at home.
I am no longer seeing Elise, but that is because she has totally transformed how I tackle my illness, given me the tools to continually maintain my progress, and above all, given me my life back.
For anyone seeking help with any of the myriad challenges that life throws at us, I urge you to give Elise’s hypnotherapy a try. The only thing you need to do is give it your all, and believe. I did, and I am at last ready to concentrate on my bright future, and not dwell upon the illness that has blighted my life for so long.
Thank you Elise – you’re the best.’
Confidence & Anxiety

“My issues revolved mainly around a lack of confidence. I also found myself overthinking everything and worrying about things that could go wrong, causing me a lot of anxiety in everyday situations (including things as simple as going for a walk outside in the daytime). I realised I needed to do something about this before I drove myself crazy.

During the sessions Elise was very calm, friendly and patient. Due to my nerves/overthinking, I felt that my first session didn’t go too well as I didn’t relax. However, I persisted and I’m so glad I did because the changes have been massive, in such a short space of time.

Elise taught me various methods of staying in control and pushing away any negative thoughts that occurred, and showed me how positive thinking really makes all the difference. The real turning point for me was when Elise made me realise during one of the sessions that I do like who I am, and that’s all that matters. I now walk to work everyday (which used to be a massive thing for me), I don’t fret about social situations, and I’m far more relaxed in every situation. I’ve even started dating someone.

I would highly recommend Elise’s services as you really will see visible changes in a short space of time.




It started with my Doctor Recommending the idea as she had another patient who had been experiencing similar issues as I was  ….. she told my Doctor it was ‘life-changing‘. This inspired me to give it a go! I was running out of hope of anything to help me to move forward from a very sad existence and a horrific life I was living. To wake everyday with nothing but negative thoughts, very low, no self confidence or esteem. Also suffering with severe depression which also triggered anxiety and panic attacks. I then started and clear the dark cloud surrounding my life, try to rid of my past that still had control of me in the here and now…. I turned to alcohol….this became another demon. I became dependant on it. I could see no light at the end of the tunnel.


I then made the best decision ever!! I contacted Elise and began my hypnotherapy sessions.Wow!! At last I began to find myself again. Bit by bit, day by day I could feel and notice myself improving, even now I continue to make further progress. Family and friends were amazed and still are with my achievements. Learning to think positiver, letting the past go – no more negative thoughts. – My Goodness!!! What a warm wonderful feeling. I smile, I laugh and I enjoy my life so much now. My confidence and esteem has started to flow within me. “Brilliant!” But most important of all I’ve at last found clarity within my being. A huge thank you to Elise. My best decision ever.



“Thanks again for everything. I totally feel like a different person to 6 weeks ago. I just spent the afternoon on the beach with my family and genuinely had a fantastic time! It’s been a long time since I really enjoyed the simple things! No more detachment or disappointment that I don’t enjoy myself…I just had fun! FANTASTIC!!”



So today was a day I have been dreading since the start of my AS Spanish course in September, the speaking exam. People who don’t know me very well, wouldn’t have necessarily had me down as outspoken or talkative. I couldn’t make phone calls for fear of sounding stupid. I couldn’t order my own food in a restaurant because I didn’t want to talk out loud in front of everyone. I couldn’t even put my hand up at school to answer a question as I hated the sound of my own voice. The whole concept was just embarrassing for me. I realised there had to be something I could do, and I couldn’t live my life forever relying on other people to speak for me and I certainly couldn’t phone my mum in tears after every occasion where I was made to speak out. I had to face my fears. Step one was to figure out my problem. I was certain that it wasn’t a confidence problem- I was comfortable talking to my friends, my parents, I’d competed in Karate competitions and put singing videos on YouTube, so it wasn’t a confidence issue. After much research, I discovered that what I had was an anxiety disorder. I had four options here: completely ignore the problem, go to the doctor for a prescription, talk with a counsellor or attend Hypnotherapy sessions. Not wanting to unnecessarily take medication, or talk to someone that I didn’t know, I went for the latter. I’d never heard much about hypnotherapy before, how it was practised or even what it actually was, but I was willing to try it in order to combat my fear. When I went for my first consultation, I was so nervous. It was literally only across the road but I insisted that someone walked me over! However after that first consultation, I decided that hypnotherapy was the road I would take to face my fears of speaking out loud. Everything seemed so clear to me now, and I was excited to hopefully overcome my anxiety issues. I went every Friday for 5 weeks, each week measuring my confidence and happiness levels on a computer graph. As the graph went up every week, my confidence increased in tandem, and I really began to turn my life around. I began contributing in class, speaking to teachers on my own, and even ordering my own meal in a restaurant! Many people noticed my transformation, including my parents and teachers. I felt like I’d come such a long way, but the real test was yet to come. Whereas before hypnotherapy, I would have spent the entire day panicking and hyperventilating, today I was calm and relaxed. I entered the exam, and although I was hesitating, some of my agreements weren’t entirely accurate and I had to talk about fashion (obviously a topic I don’t know much about) the fact that I actually went in there, gave it a go and didn’t completely freeze or blank shows how far I’ve come since the start of the year and I’m actually really proud of myself. Not only this but I am so grateful and thankful to Elise for helping me overcome my anxiety so I am now able to communicate with ease and actually talk to people! To anyone who has any similar concerns, I really recommend hypnotherapy, it certainly has worked for me and I truly encourage people to try it – it really has changed my life.”


Swallowing Phobia 

Well I have come a long way indeed since my last session in October.  I eat pretty much anything I want though some foods are still mentally tricky. I even eat out socially with minimal stress. I’ve gained a stone! Meet a lovely guy. And become so much more in control of my anxieties. And a lot of that is down to you yet I never properly thanked you. The work you done with me didn’t just change my problem with swallowing (I never even think about my own saliva any more), but changed the whole way my brain deals with stresses and worries. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments but I guess we are all a work in progress really. But when I look at where I was a year ago to now, I couldn’t be happier. I still use the cd. And may well book in for a little boost for my brain to help it along with its tendency to over think. But I truly, from the bottom of my heart, can’t thank you enough”


“I came to Elise feeling anxious and stressed with the pressures of a new job. Not knowing which way to turn Elise was my last hope. Oh how I wish I found her sooner as I feel like a completely different person. Confident and self assured and well prepared to handle whatever the future may bring. I would recommend anyone to try focused hypnotherapy with Elise.”



I decided to try hypnotherapy as a way to help me deal/overcome my IBS. After my initial visit, I realised that there were several problems I had with regards to sleeping (always waking up more tired) and anxiety I had about everyday situations that I had ‘learnt to live with’.  I can’t praise Elise enough, she was so welcoming, made me feel totally at ease and has helped me so much.  I now sleep so much better, I know when I am getting anxiety and can now calm myself with the methods she has given me.  This has now helped my IBS so much, it is getting so much better, my anxiety was obviously the root cause.
I feel so much happier now and I know I can cope with any situation that life throws at me.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

General Therapy

I was going through the stressful process of changing jobs and starting a new relationship. Generally feeling anxious, not being able to relax or switch off and not sleeping well.

I generally feel calmer, happier and better prepared to deal with day to day living as well as more stressful life changes.
I have a much better understanding of how everyday occurrences can have a knock on effect on my mental well being. I can now identify and anticipate potentially stressful situations and feel better prepared to deal with them. I also appreciate being able to switch off and let go, set aside time to relax and this has helped me get full nights sleep, which has helped in my work/life balance and have stronger personal relationships.

Anger issues
Then. . . .
I had suffered with anger issues all of my life. They would destroy relationships and friendships and make my general state of mind negative and self destructive. I had tried a variety of counsellors, but they never managed to rid me of my problem.  So eventually, after another failed relationship and with a personal life that was spiralling out of control, I decided enough was enough……. I had hit rock bottom! I didn’t know where else to turn, so I spent hours online researching my problem and that’s when I became aware of the potential of hypnotherapy. So I contacted Elise and the rest is history.

Now. . . 

Elise instantly made me feel at ease. I told her everything and she wasn’t judgemental and more importantly she wasn’t phased. She explained the approach we were going to take, which for me was really refreshing after years of raking over the past and the reasons as to why I would get angry. Solution focused hypnotherapy is all about living in the present and looking to the future and not worrying about things that had happened in my past that I couldn’t change. My perspective is now positive, I feel more confident and I don’t dwell on situations that I cant control, and as a result I rarely become frustrated or angry. And if I do, I have now developed a variety of techniques that help me manage my anger and frustrations. My friends  and family have noticed a real change in my personality which, has also been really rewarding. I would recommend hypnotherapy and Elise to anyone. . . . in fact I have.



I was worried about my life from a young age until now, having reached becoming an alcoholic.
Hypnotherapy  has got rid of the past and I don’t feel the need to drink.

I now feel calm, in control of my life and am alive to tell the tell, otherwise I am sure I would be back drinking , and soon dead, as I was in a coma through drink only 9 months ago. I’m ready to learn a lot more and have even worked for a few hours at my daughters nursery.
I have recommended Elise to everyone I tell about my time with her and how much it helped


“Thanks so much Elise you are a star 🙂 You should be very proud of yourself for all the work you do in changing people’s lives for the better…..Thanks again xx  ”


General Therapy

I turned to Elise following a very stressful marriage breakdown. It was a very emotional time and I was struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression and lack of confidence.


Hypnotherapy with you has helped me to pick myself up and start believing in myself again. It has focused me on small steps which has improved my day to day life. I am much calmer and able to see the many positives in me.

Would definitely recommend you to friends. in such a short time frame I have noticed such a huge change in my outlook and ability to deal with every day challenges most parents face!

Aerophobia – fear of flying
“I had a long-term deeply rooted fear of flying.  So much so that I avoided flying altogether unless I could possibly help it.  This meant that family holidays were restricted, despite a wish to visit more exotic places.  If I did manage to fly, it was a horrible experience.  Panic would start on the day of departure, although in the days/weeks leading up to it I would have anxiety issues.  I was barely able to get on the plane!  In the end I resorted to prescribed tranquilisers from my GP to get me through it, but this made me feel drowsy & on arrival at my destination & felt rough.  Holidays were overshadowed by worry about the return journey.

I went to visit Elise after reading her brochure.  I was initially sceptical that such a deep rooted fear could be overcome by 3 sessions of hypnotherapy but I was completely converted!  She was professional at all times but with a relaxed, friendly manner which put me at my ease.  I flew two days after the last session.  On the outgoing journey I had a very low level of anxiety whilst waiting in the departure lounge, which was easily controlled by calm breathing – once I was on the plane I was fine!!  I arrived refreshed  & ready to enjoy my holiday.  The return journey was even easier – no real anxiety at all & I enjoyed the experience.  For the first time I felt like ‘normal’ people at the airport.  My partner is amazed by the difference between this flight & my previous one.  We are planning lots of short regional flights over the next few months & are hoping to have a holiday in the States next year.”

Driving Phobia
It’s all going really well, we have bought a new car which is a lot bigger than my old one, I wouldnt let my boyfroiend get it before as I was scared I couldnt drive it, but after seeing you I thought why not and so gave in, and its lovely to drive and i feel much more confident in it. I actually enjoy driving now! Thank you so much for all of your help


Dentist Phobia.
I used to dread the dentist, weeks of sleepless nights, and even had to use medication prescribed by my doctor to get me through the door. On leaving I would be shaking, sweating and feeling faint. After seeing you I could not believe the difference. I slept perfectly every night leading up to the event, I even had a dinner party the night before as I felt so calm. On the day of the dentist I was like a different person walking in there, no medication, feeling calm, relaxed and in control. I really cannot believe it. I have another dental appointment to attend soon, and I am not bothered by it in the slightest. Amazing, and thank you.


Generalised anxiety and telephone phobia
Hypnotherapy in general was very relaxing. It not only improved my phone fear, but my whole outlook on my life. I made so many positive changes it has impacted a great deal on my whole family and work.

I still listen to you CD most nights, (months later) and constantly try to look at ways to reduce stress and over all I am so much happier as a result of my sessions with you



Social Anxiety
I saw Elise to help me with social anxiety and more specifically to enable me to attend a Christmas Party.
Hypnotherapy has given me a more positive outlook and boosted my ego. I think people underestimate the impact that the things that people say to you on a regular basis and things you say to yourself have on your mental state.
I would recommend Elise to friends and family and colleagues.



Clients From Taunton, Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea and Somerset, as well as SKYPE clients.