Addictions refer to a behaviour which a person continues in spite of a negative impact on their life.

Common addictions can be to smoking, drinking, gambling, drugs, work, sex, shopping, food and the internet to name but a few.
signs of addiction can be:

  • Compulsive use/behaviour
  • Loss of control
  • Cravings
  • Continued use/behaviour despite increasing negative consequences

An addiction can also be a way to block out a difficult issue and will often get worse over time 

Hypnotherapy can help with addictions by finding solutions to the problems. We avoid problem talk, and focus on the behaviours that we wish to exhibit in a positive way and start to regain control in our lives.

Often addictive behaviours can be triggered by stressful events in our lives or learnt as coping mechanisms from others, which causes our brains to mistakenly believe they are helping us in some way, and so become dependant on them. With hypnosis we speak to the more ‘primitive’ area of the brain where templates are stored (in our Hippocampus) as survival techniques, and switch these templates off which enables us to change behaviour.

“If you would like to discuss your addiction in a confidential, non-judgemental environment and to see if hypnotherapy can help you, please contact me via phone, email or text – whichever you feel most comfortable with. We can then have a brief discussion or just get you booked straight in to one on my Somerset Clinics in either Taunton, Bridgwater or Burnham-on-Sea for a full consultation.

I have worked with many clients over the years who have regained control over their addictive behaviours, and go on to do amazing things with their lives, free from the constraints that they felt before.”