Anxiety is a general feeling of unease. Anxiety can be brought on by a fear of something that happened, or what we think happened and dread happening again—negative thinking.

We can suffer anxiety related to certain events on occasion such as  exams, public speaking, driving tests, stage fright etc.

However, some people can suffer from generalised anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorders which may lead to panic attacks. This can affect everything from our family life, relationships, work, and social life. When high levels of anxiety are sustained for long periods of time, it can be very damaging to both the body and mind.

Symptoms of anxiety can include emotional symptoms such as:

  • restlessness
  • irritability
  • difficulty in concentrating
  • feeling weepy,
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling out of control
  • loss of sexual interest
  • and/or difficulty sleeping.

And physical symptoms such as:

  • headaches
  • muscle tension
  • sweating
  • difficulty sleeping
  • diarrhoea
  • palpitations
  • dizziness and light headedness
  • and breathlessness. 

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can help by reducing levels of anxiety, by encouraging positive thinking, and to get perspective on the downward spiral of negative thinking that we can find ourselves locked in at times.

Together, we can start to change thought patterns around the events in our lives,  to learn not to introspect about past events, and look forward to a bright and positive future, free from anxiety and worry. During hypnosis the body becomes more and more relaxed and the brain enters changing levels of brain wave patterns that are beneficial to us both physically and mentally. 

Once anxiety is reduced, many related symptoms will fall away.