Hypnosis for Childbirth

The use of hypnosis for child birth, or hypno-birthing is becoming ever more popular as celebrities, doctors, midwives and even the royals are recommending and using the techniques.

Many NHS healthcare services up and down the country offer hypno-birthing classes for free as they can see the short and long term benefits to the mother, the baby, and the NHS costs themselves. Unfortunately this has not happened in our area yet.

So what can hypnosis for childbirth do for you?

  • Statistically reduce the length of labour (average 3 hours for 1st time mums)
  • Reduce the need for medication
  • Less reported pain
  • Reduce the need for medical intervention (caesarean, forceps, ventouse)
  • Reduce the incidence of postnatal depression
  • Give all those involved a calmer and more natural experience.

When should we Start? 

As soon a possible, so that you can practice the techniques!! Especially if you are suffering from morning sickness, are under a lot of stress or have worries about the birth. The more you practice the better you will be at it when the time comes.

It is also a great place to start for you and your birthing partner to start to talk about the things you want to happen/not happen, and to air any worries or insecurities.

You are welcome to bring your birthing partner along as well to sessions, but this is non essential.

We will have a FREE initial consultation to start with, where you will be issued with your first CD,  followed by your 1st session the following week which will be a general hypnosis session to prepare you for a relaxed pregnancy, and a self hypnosis technique to practice at home.

The second session will continue to look at pregnancy and birth. You will then be given some of the course material and specialised CD to practice with.

The rest of the course depends on you, generally I would leave clients to practice techniques until months 7 & 8 where we would have a further 2 more specific sessions, to make sure you are fully prepared for the birth. Obviously I am fully contactable throughout this time should you have any questions and concerns, and the option of further sessions in between if you feel that you would benefit from these.
There is also a great blog article on hypnosis for childbirth on this website by clicking here and a great newspaper article I found on hypnobirthing here.

This is an area I love to work in, and I have had some wonderful feedback as well from clients.

I want to say thank you to Elise for her help with my fears and anxieties for birth. It made my birthing experience a lot calmer and I was so much more confident than I would have been. It helped my husband be more a part of the preparation and aware of what I needed from him during the process as well. My midwife was very positive about the change in me and my anxieties compared with my first birth and how I was at the beginning of this pregnancy compared to how I was after our sessions. I would definitely recommend you.

I cannot recommend hypnobirthing more highly. It helped me remain calm and focussed throughout pregnancy and birth, even now – it is definitely a tool for life. By using the techniques Elise taught me, I was relaxed and open minded, therefore when the birth of my second child didn’t go as planned – do they ever? – I was prepared and took it all in my stride. My baby is super calm and relaxed and I’m sure it’s because I was calm throughout my pregnancy. Even my husband, who was sceptical at first, found it worked very well and the experience has brought us even closer together.

 I Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your hypno birthing sessions and support. The whole experience was amazing, rewarding and painless. Which has brought us a beautiful baby girl. Thank you so much.