Lack of Motivation and Enjoyment of Life 

It is  quite common in modern day Western society for people to feel what is commonly called depression at some times during their lives. Some of us can shake it off after a period of time, whereas others struggle. And this can lead to a downward spiral and feeling of despair that can go on for months and even years. The World Health Organisation estimates that there are 350 million sufferers worldwide, and it is growing in prevalence all the time (it’s even being called an epidemic).

There are many symptoms and signs of depression such as feeling empty, sleeping issues, food consumption, anxiety, lack of interest in activities once enjoyed, lack of libido, difficulty with concentration, fatigue, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and thoughts of death to name but a few.

Once in the grip of depression it can seem that there is no way forward. Friends and family can seem to fall away, and the individual often feels alone and helpless and hopeless. 

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can help by reducing levels of anxiety, by encouraging positive thinking, and to get perspective on the downward spiral of negative thinking that we can find ourselves locked in at times.

Re-arranging of sleeping patterns is always important when dealing with disorders relating to depression. Hypnosis and trance states are associated with replicating REM sleep patterns, and changing patterns of brain wave activity.

Together, we can start to change thought patterns around the events in our lives,  to learn not to introspect about past events, and look forward to a bright and positive future, free from anxiety and worry.

Concentrate on the good things that are in your life, they are there, you just have to stop to notice them. 

Hypnotherapy doesn’t have to be an either/or option. Many people use it as a supplementary therapy to their medication.

It can also be a first option, or last resort for others. Whatever stage you are at hypnotherapy can help.

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