Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can arise for a number reasons, but often they are formed from events we have found highly stressful in the past. This forms a template in our mind and our stress response is activated whenever something resembling and relating to this template is perceived. Common fears and phobias can relate to almost anything from flying, vomiting, spiders, and heights, to public speaking and countless other issues. Most fears are irrational and so can be related to anything.

Nervousness can be created by fears and phobias, but can also be created by negatively forecasting future events, such as exams, driving tests, interviews, sporting events etc. 

How Hypnotherapy can help…… 

With specific fears and phobias, for example, flying, spiders etc. general anxiety is reduced, then in a safe relaxed mind state, the emotional arousal is removed from the template that you have built, so that it does not illicit that same stress response. This is followed by a replacing the fear with a new, more positive way of reacting to that specific problem.

With more general phobias such as agoraphobia, vomiting, claustrophobia, and so forth, those, which are ever, present. General hypnotherapy is required to reduce anxiety and stress levels overall.

Nerves relating to specific future events are helped by guided imagery and visualisations whilst under hypnosis, to give the client the confidence and control to be able to discard their nerves, feel more relaxed in the given situation, so that it will not affect their performance negatively, but rather enhance it.

Solution Focused Therapy is an amazing way for you to be able to discard those things, which are holding you back in life and free you from the negative thought patterns surrounding them. This enables you to be you at your very best.

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