Self Confidence

Self-confidence is something that we can all lack in at times in certain situations. It may be a situation that is new to us, a stressful situation such as an exam or test. It may be that we have suffered some hardships in life that have affected our confidence, our perception of our personal appearance, performance related issues, illness, any number of reasons. Many, many things can give us a knock in our confidence, and when our confidence is low, it spills out into other areas of our lives.

If it were something that could be bottled and sold, I think most people would have a supply in the cupboard for times of need. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy…… 

Can help with self-confidence in a number of ways.

It reduces anxiety around the issues in your life that could be affecting your self-confidence. Visualisations and imagery of where you want to and how you want to react in certain situations can be enormously helpful, by focusing on the things that you do want, not those that you don’t want.

Hypnotherapy will get the power of the subconscious working on your side to achieve whatever you ask of it.
Changing your perspective on life and concentrating on the positives and the things that are achievable, will enhance your life greatly, and start to rebuild your confidence, or focus on that goal that you have in mind. You will get the real you back. The you that is confident, happy, motivated, and excited about the future.

Hypnosis is also a great tool for sports performance related confidence, drive, and goal achievement. 

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