What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) is much more than just hypnosis.  It is a powerful combination of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (S.F.B.T) techniques, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T), Neuro-linguistic Programming (N.L.P), and hypnosis.  SFBT is a modern form of psychotherapy that encourages clients to work towards their preferred future, focusing on how they want things to be.  Unlike some forms of psychotherapy it does not involve analysing the past or examining problems; instead it helps clients visualise and achieve a more enjoyable and fulfilled future.

I also incorporates some mindfulness and acceptance techniques when appropriate with clients.

What Happens during Hypnotherapy?

I will bring the conscious and subconscious minds together through a gently induced trance state using my voice. It is basically a powerful form of deep relaxation. Here we can focus on the behaviours that you have decided to change. Trance states are quite ordinary to us, as we slip in and out of trance several times a day, whilst driving, reading, walking, watching TV etc. It is completely safe; no one can be hypnotised against their will, and can easily reject any suggestions that are not appropriate to them. You have full self control throughout the session.

Is it safe for children and Teens?

Childhood is full of new experiences and situations, and in the main, is fun and exciting. However sometimes worry and anxiety can sadly trouble children and teens and come out in forms such as bed-wetting  O.C.D, selective mutism, asthma/panic attacks, depression etc.

Sometimes there is a specific trigger i.e. bullying, changing schools/classes, coping with divorced parents, loss of a family member,  or many other more general life changes 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is wonderful, as it reduces anxiety, increases self confidence, and teaches techniques to mange stressful situations. Sessions are usually between 35-45 minutes with children rather than the usual 50-55 minutes with adults.

*Please check that your therapist has a full enhanced DBS certificate when working with children and vulnerable adults.

I don’t think I can be hypnotised.

Most people like to think that they can’t. There is often the suspicion that being hypnotised could label them as being weak-willed, naive or unintelligent. But in fact, modern research shows that hypnotisability is correlated with intelligence, concentration and focus. Hypnosis is not an all-or-nothing phenomenon, but rather a continuum. Most people can be hypnotized to some degree – the only question is how far.  For most psychotherapeutic work, the client does not have to be in an extremely deep state of trance, as depth of trance does not directly  correlate with effectiveness, so there really is no need to over analyse and over-think the experience, clients report it as a pleasant and enjoyable one. If you do have any worries or doubts these can be addressed during the initial consultation.

How many sessions will it take?

That very much depends on you, and what you want to achieve from the therapy. Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy generally works quickly compared to many other therapies. Smoking cessation is a one off 1.5-2 hour session. Specific phobias, motivation, exam nerves, public speaking, etc. can be dealt with in between 3-5 sessions. In most cases Depression and Anxiety related orders usually take between 8-12 sessions.

This is a general guide – some people do need more sessions and I am happy to continue therapy until you are exactly where you want to be, be that after 12 or 25 sessions. The main factor here is that we are continuing to promote positive change and continuing momentum. I strongly believe that no-one should not have any more sessions than appropriate, and we will discuss as this we progress if needs be. You will also receive my my full support via email, text or phone in between sessions if you feel that you need it. Even after therapy is complete I love to hear how well my ex-clients are doing, and look forward to reading the emails about all the new and exciting things happening in their lives.


Will you make me walk like a chicken?

Odd as it sounds that is one of the questions I get asked the most! I think (and definitely hope) you know the answer is a resounding “NO”. (Well, not unless that’s what you want out of therapy???) Stage Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnosis are not the same thing, one is for entertainment, the other for therapy to change behaviours and thought patterns.

I’m not sure if I can be hypnotised.

If you have an imagination and the ability to relax then the answer is probably ‘YES’. Just by getting your mind into a relaxed and focus state is enough for positive suggestion to be accepted and changes in thinking and behaviour to start to change. Why not have a go at this quiz I found on the internet and see how you do. Just a bit of fun really.



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